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Work together to create
a pleasurable public transport experience
This is a mobile app I recently made, it takes your location and other users to create a dynamic map of where people are to try and estimate where the bus is. It does this through checking the frequency of users in a small space and also checking how fast these users are moving. I consequently won a competition for this and it is now available free on the Google Play store. Here are some of the articles that were most interesting about the competition: This one and this one.
Passengers app in phone


Notes in Notes. Subwrite app in phone

SubWrite is an app that will make all your note taking needs easier by subcategorising notes and grouping them together in a method effective for you. The way it works is that each note can contain several subnotes that lead to other notes and so on. This is useful if you have a large range of related things you need to keep track of. For instance, you might start with a "To do" list and each item then contains extra details, so maybe the first item in the list is "Get Groceries", you click on that item and you'll then have a list of groceries. How useful! Download here


File Manager

The two things you use the most
together at last

A chrome extension that makes the browser's directory explorer a lot more useful. Right now when you look at it, it firstly looks ugly but is also fairly useless. And I've always thought it would be nice to have a file browser in our web browser. So why not? I built a chrome extension that cleans it up and adds some functionality. This has had some overwhelming popularity with over 15,000 users

Left Behind

Never leave your jacket behind again
This is a recent iOS app I made to help keep track of items they put down. Have you ever been out and accidentally left something behind? This app uses GPS and once you are a certain distance from the item it will send an alert to you. This is a simple system, that simply remembers the locations of items you've put down and tracks your location to measure the distance. Get the app from the App Store here.

Read Then Vote

When you don't have time to keep up, the internet can do it for you. Read then vote app in phone

This app will help users decide who to vote for when it comes time for an election one of the key features of this is that its not pinned down to a leader. You can view rankings of very low-level politicians too. This is done via the internet, the app reads through news feeds and analyses the information to decide whether its favourable for each politician. An android app was also made with further social features which can be downloaded here.

C4 & Sasquatches

Survival game
non lethal weapons
This was my first 3D game title, C4 & Sasquatches, the link above is to the artist I'm working with's blog which would have the most information on it. Alternatively you can check my blog. We're using Unity, I programmed everything from scratch and he will do all the art and animation we're closing in on the Alpha right now and as you can see it looks really good.
Fisheyed MC

Microbe Art

Processing Experiments
I recently worked on an art project using a language/IDE called Processing, this was a nice experience to see a serious crossover between art and programming. I ended up developing a very interesting dynamic art tool based on planets orbiting each other. This method of creating art has lead to some interesting artworks used for album art on recent recordings I've done. (Links here)

The Painter

A Flash Game that
gives you control of his arms.

The Painter is a sidescrolling children's game, this game was made in Adobe Flash while I was in college. It uses a style of gameplay that's not often seen and allows for extra control to the player. The controls are available in the game, there was also an online high score page, and the game was also stored here on my site, however I can't find that now...


Experimentation with
all kinds of instruments
I also do music, recently I've been doing it under the name of Pleuro. All available for free download and updated often.
Tetraspeak album cover


An HTML5 Web Design
narrative with interaction and animation
A website for a web design class at ANU, it uses HTML 5 more than I have before and essentially uses CSS and jQuery to create wondeful customisable animation in the browser.
A screenshot from the site


When a sentence doesn't sound right, we can rearrange it for you.
Screen shot from the online paraphraser
A good way to kill some time or come up with a new way to say something. This takes synonyms from the internet and translates your input sentence into a new one easily. The online version didn't succeed as well as the offline one. So I would suggest you download the offline one when you get there.


The most convenient way
to clean your device's screen
The best way to tell where your screen is dirty. This basically just gives a white screen to allow you to clean easily. This is simple to get to and easy to use. Just thought it would be helpful.
Cleanscreen picture


Sometimes you forget to keep track of your bibliography
Biblog home screen with user info
A chrome extension that automatically organises a bibliography for you. I came up with this idea in college, it allows me to do my research without having to worry about what links I've used and whether I need to remember urls. It's also great for any last minute assignments and in the last hour or so you realise you forgot to keep a list of sites. This automatically monitors your use and take urls that it suspects you're using as research and saves them for you to collect later. This only works with Google Docs, I was going to make it work for Word however that is a much bigger task and I ran out of time.

Farmer Game

Infinite opportunities
in farming simulation
A game that creates any animal you specify and lets you farm it. So this is a Flash game that takes your input and looks through the internet to determine how to define and create it. Once its done it will show you your animal and let you farm it. You can have as many animals as you like. This is probably one of my most unfinished games, it doesn't take in as many characteristics as I'd like but the proof of concept is there for when I have more time.
Farmer screenshot

Drawer Game

Cooperative drawing
online multiplayer
An online multiplayer game, this game aims for teamwork in getting your little guy to the portal. So there are lots of black rectangles (creative I know) and these will kill you if you get hit. So the aim is to get to the portal without getting hit. Anyone who wants to play just shows up to the site and starts playing, its simple. There are a lot of glitches in this game, but thats because I sort of gave up once I knew that it would work. And it does! You can see other people drawing and will work well for a while however there are a number of cases I didn't get round to. Hint: you can trap black rectangles by drawing a line through them.
gameplay screenshot

Colony Game

Stage by Stage
Biological Simulation
A take on Conway's Game of Life. I originally had the task of making it and then I decided to keep going and make it cooler. This is the result. Sorry there is no menu or interface. So you can just read all the controls here: Space will place cells, P will pause it, 1 will place dirt and it will grow things randomly, 2 is anti-gas which stops the evil gas which is the red stuff. There are also cactuses that kill cells. Read Conway's Game of Life for more rules.
colony screenshot

Platformer Game

Infinite random
My first attempt at an endless world. There are a number of compromises I made in this game, because Flash couldn't handle a massive world all at once and I was sort of new to this kind of stuff so its a little small. The world is semi-infinite, it has to reload stuff as segments, its still pretty cool though. The black rectangles monitors their blocks and they'll chase you once you step on their block. The thing is that they'll fly away once they aren't planted on the ground anymore. Don't ask me why. There's also a second level, which admittedly has some bugs. Once again this has no menus. Sorry, but you can still play it.
Platformer screenshot in action

ANU Disaster Prototype

Offline and online database management
in times of disaster
Disaster management home screen
This was a proposal to Engineers Without Borders to help the people of Anh Minh deal with rising rate of disasters in the area. This system combined a number of concepts to deliver a system that could communicate to the people successfully and without flaw. The website holds the prototype that's much more of a proof of concept than an actual system. However it does have the ability to send messages (barely), allow the editing of maps holds processes and actions and allows the easy entry of contacts as well as the ability to search them. It also has offline capabilities meaning the website is often cached and can run offline without any problems. This was a very difficult process for me and ended up working well. This is just an assignment for Australian National University, the real only impressive thing here is the offline. Uh, so it turns out Google Maps stopped working... lame, I seriously can't be bothered to fix it.